The Power of Small Decisions: A Discussion on Fate

Let’s start in the middle.

  • I was about 16 years old and I had a friend, L, who liked a girl. Her name was M. I felt that M wasn’t treating my friend very nicely, and so I sent her a message telling her so. I referenced a Grey’s Anatomy quote in this message (as 16-year-olds do).
  • Because of this quote, we became friends very quickly [#what], and when my first boyfriend and I broke up, she invited me to a party. At this party I met a guy called T.
  • I passed T a couple of weeks later and I knew that I knew him from somewhere, but I just couldn’t, for the life of me, remember where from. When I passed him for a second time that same evening, I suddenly clicked and went over to say hi. He was with his friend called X.
  • I ended up being in a relationship with X for 4 years.
  • 4 months after meeting X, he moved to Cape Town. 2 years after this I graduated from high school and moved to Cape Town. I know for a fact, although I would have denied it at the time and probably did, that I never considered moving to or studying in Cape Town if not for X. But I did.
  • I got into UCT in my final year of high school, but decided to first study Personal Training for a year before going to UCT. I made this decision because I found a one-year course. I found out about this course because there was a pamphlet in the back of my friend’s mom’s car.
  • In my first year at UCT, I took Anthropology as a filler-course. It did so because a friend had suggested it.
  • I happened to be put into the same tutorial group as a girl called G. She happened to be one of the few faces and names I remembered from our introductory session, and so she was the one I messaged for help on an assignment.
  • A couple of weeks later, I had a gigantic amount of deadlines approaching, and G and I decided to work late into the night in the library together. During the course of this evening we chatted and got to know each other more, and, in my opinion, it was this evening that lay the foundation for a friendship that flourished, and continues to do so today.
  • X and I broke up at the beginning of this year. I invited G to the J&B Met with me (something I wouldn’t have done had I still been in a relationship with X – I wouldn’t have gone to the event at all had I still been romantically-involved). At one stage during the course of the day, we walked past one of G’s childhood friends, Calvin.
  • Today Calvin is my best friend and the most incredible human to have by my side every single day.


Had I done one small thing differently, my life would be 100% completely different today. Had a never been the bold 16-year-old who messaged another girl to stand up for a friend, the rest of the story would have been made up of different faces and places.

My life today is not only a product of the above, but of how fate conducted by parents lives. My grandparents lives. My great-grandparents. If my great-grandfather had made one small decision differently, he might have met a different woman and had different kids and I would not be here today.

Take a moment, please. Take a moment to reflect on your life, your decisions, your own fate. Be thankful for this moment you are in right now because there is a reason you are here today. There is a reason you are on this path. Be grateful. Give thanks and then go forward and know you are going to create greatness.

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