If you want a great mentor, read this book

As soon as I finished reading his book, I got up and emailed James Altucher. I said this same thing to him:

What happens to you, physiologically, when you near the end of a book you love? For me, I gnaw at my nails, my heart beats a little faster and I likely have to read the same sentence over and over because my mind is so inspired and thus spinning with ideas.

That’s what happened when I came to the end of Choose Yourself. Not only that, but I had the strongest urge to flip to the start of the book and begin again. And again. And again.

If you’re thirsty for knowledge, wisdom and information, this is a book that you have to read. Altucher imparts so much usable knowledge in 256 pages, it’s hard to choose just one or two inspirational quotes to share. I want to quote the entire book. I don’t understand finance, or economics or the stock exchange but you don’t need to to read Altucher’s writing. He is raw and honest in his words and that in itself is inspiring. So inspiring that in my email to him I mentioned, in passing, that my emotionally difficult 2015 year was partly due to my choice in contraceptive. From stranger to stranger. I typed those words. Because he sort of has this style of unedited, free flowing style of writing and he brings that out in you.

And so it was surprising when I read a Goodreads review on the book, which said that the book was pretty much useless in helping the reviewer start up her own business. What else do you need to know? Look after yourself emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. And write a shit ton of lists. The key to execution is in your lists.

I’ve had an incredible year thus far (and we are only 19 days into it!) and I know that, just because of this book, 2016 is going to be more successful than I imagined it would be. I want that same feeling for everyone and so, I’m going to buy Choose Yourself as a gift for each person I love, come their next birthday. It’s a book that every single person should read no matter who they are. If you want to go places READ THIS BOOK.