The Linear Nature of Time, Elon Musk and My Hard-Earned Lack of Effort

I’ve been thinking about time and its linear nature. It’s the most significant thing about life and this world, isn’t it? It seems that everything would be so much easier if we could pick up time like a pencil, turn it around and look at it from all angles. It would make it much easier to judge a decision as being right or wrong, whether in your own life or that of someone else.

However, as is the nature of life, it is not that easy. Not at all. We get to live day by day, going forward. Always forward, never backward. The future never arrives. It is always this moment.

People are just people. This I have realised. Whether it is someone younger, and perhaps inexperienced, than you, or an authoritative figure. Everything is an opinion and nothing should be taken to heart.

I’m reading Elon Musk by Ashlee Vance at the moment and Musk’s nature excites me. Because he is so bold. He is so daring and so crazy. Thankfully, I can pick up the story of Elon Musk (as it stands today) and I can turn it around and look at it from all angles and I can know that every crazy, vivacious decision he made was the right one. And why? Because look where he is today. He is one of the biggest game-changers the world has ever seen. If I were watching his decisions live, unable to ascertain whether or not he would succeed, I would have thought him stupid to be so bold. But thankfully the outcome of his story thus far has taught me something special. He has taught me that if you have a dream, make sure it is big. And as you pick apart the idea and how to make it happen, don’t make it smaller. As the idea seems to become more and more impossible, never make it bigger. There is always a way.

We may read a book about a man’s life, just like this one, and we may think how easy it may have been for him not realising that this story is about years and years of a man’s life and it is condensed into a few of hundred pages. It cannot talk about the biding hours in between all the hard decisions. It cannot talk about possible self-doubt. It cannot talk about all the difficulty, of which there must have been plenty.

We cannot, through this, be made to think that because we have difficulty, we will not be as successful. Because we will. If you have a dream, and you have drive, you’ll be successful.

I hear the cynics comment on that before they even hear themselves. But their comments are just opinions, and they are nothing more than that . Opinions that I cannot concern myself with if I am to live well.

At this moment in my life, I make no effort to drop the people that drain me of my positive energy and thoughts. You may not be hearing me correctly when I say that, but hear me again: I make no effort. It is effortless to me. It is important that I hear what such people have to say, but I make no effort to keep their words close to me.

It is always onwards and upwards. Always. There is no second to waste.

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